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March 28, 2008
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Titan Valkyries - Wonder Girl by UltimeciaFFB Titan Valkyries - Wonder Girl by UltimeciaFFB
You know, I enjoyed the idea of creating more Teen Titans valkyries, as I did here for the Titans of Myth contest at :iconteentitans: club.

No Teen Titans is complete without a Wonder Girl, don't you agree?

I loathe Cassie in the current comics, but I loathe Donna even more. Why? During the Infinite Crisis she was a real b****. She called Arsenal (Roy Harper, the first Speedy, whom she dated some while), Green Arrow and Aquaman "useless". She told them that she need only the most powerful and the rest of them could go home. Like that. That's why I choose her over Donna, but I may end doing her too. I did 2 Titans I don't like why not one more?

Back to Wonder Girl. I just loved her outfit on Wonder Girl mini series drawn by :icongreenestreet:, it was my main inspiration. But the colors I did my own way and used the old Wonder Woman eagle (Hippolyta's and current Cassie costume) as symbol. Not as Valkyrie as some, she's really more a "Wonder -something-", but I think it can't be helped :XD: She's a champion of the gods anyway

I also created a journal with ideas of possible Valkyries. If you want to give any thoughts or suggestion, check it out ;p

Mechanical Pencil 0.7mm with green graphite + Blue roll point pen Bic Atlantis
Corel Paint Shop Pro X

:bulletred: Reference material
:bulletblue: Teen Titans GO! version
:bulletgreen: First comic book outfit
:bulletgreen: Second and third comic book outfits
:bulletgreen: Current outfit
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The Cassie Sandmark version of Wonder-Girl dressed up as a Valkyrie, what's not to like here!? good pic!
OMG! This picture is sooo adorable. You know what you should do? You should turn the male Titans into einthjars or however you spell that. Pretty much the warriors the valkyries bring to valhalla:) ~hugs n kisses~
Ah, Cassie. Always will love her, even when writers have treated her so badly. (It's not the character's fault that he/she sucks. It's completely the writers' and Didio's)

I would adore if she wore something like this as her uniform. I never liked any of her costumes, except this last one. And even that now isn't anything special.

Wow. You can just tell how different I am from the regular DC fan. XD
wow! great job!
Totally agree with what you said. Great work too! Love it
minarho1 Mar 29, 2008   Digital Artist
great job!
Thanks! Your Wonder-Gallery is amazing!
TeenTitansMan Mar 29, 2008   Digital Artist
Amazing armor. She looks like a Goddess :D
I love how you incorporated the old costume into the design. And I hafta agree with ya-Cassie's turned into the kind of girl I'd love to hit upside the head with a golf club.
Dakt37 Mar 28, 2008  Hobbyist
i'll never get tired of this series :D i'm glad to see her in a uniform again instead of those stupid jeans -_-
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